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‘Urban Representation in Popular Media of Western Europe and China’ Conference (May 24-25, Bonn)

Conference ‘Urban Representation in Popular Media of Western Europe and China’ will be held this weekend (May 24-25, 2024) at the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut in Bonn. This two day conference will consist of the talks delivered by invited speakers representing an array of disciplines from the P.R.C., Germany, U.K, and the U.S. The conference is organized by the China Studies at the University of Cologne, and TKU team member Yongli Li. For more detaild information on the conference, please see the included link below.

Speakers and participants will delve into the topics, including cities and trauma, and precarity in Sinophone media culture. Besides the individual talks, there will be a roundtable discussion on the most recent developments in the field of media and cultural studies research. Speakers include Chris Berry (King‘s college London), Yomi Braester (University of Washington), Victor Fan (King’s college London), Margaret Hillenbrand (University of Oxford), Huang Xuelei (The University of Edinburgh).